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Serge, sounding like an old Grandma, which technically I am :) , you are still pretty young to be trying to deal with all of this huge "email" list of thoughts and issues at once. I still keep most of my stuff locked in a box which I only occasionally open to pull out one of these at a time to work on. Don't beat yourself up so hard, your writing is superb and like the rest of us you are human and thus prone to many mistakes.....we only really learn by making them and working through the consequences. Workaholism and caretaking are superb ways to avoid thinking too much about self and life, take it from an expert who has NEVER lived alone or even stayed alone for longer than a day! You are doing a great job in a very dark period of life, both personally and, sadly, historically .....keep writing, keep going, and things will move forward and get better I promise, just try to be kind to yourself . Sending a hug and many thoughts Alison

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