Thanks so much for this one Sergey and I am very sorry for all the stuff you are going through now. But you are absolutely correct, it is the really bad stuff, the shitstorm that we endure, that really taught me how to appreciate what is good, and to become a somewhat improved version of me. I learned to have more compassion and empathy and to try to be much less judgemental. I also learned what is really important and how to laugh, especially at myself :) So again thank-you and also for making me laugh, as when I opened this and read the title it was almost exactly what I was thinking at the time :)

Finally the sayings "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" works for me , together with "This too shall pass" although at times I wanted to whack the person saying it ! Many thoughts and a virtual hug :)

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Dec 27, 2023Liked by Serge Faldin

I'm sending this to my daughter and partner, who are much more successful than I, who have questioned why I should retire now when I could be earning more money, and who found proof in our home videos that my parenting was no more ambitious than my career. Sometimes I try to warn them that the future will be very different than the one they are striving for, but why should they believe me when I keep my thermostat at 60F, rarely drive a car, and treat my yard like a groundhog haven? Did they notice their nephew having fun with their old wooden toys that I've neglected to box up and sell on eBay? Did they notice that their youngest sibling, who earns a tenth of what they do, gave her money to just causes and hand-made her gifts to them? It's okay if they didn't, actually. It's a joy to be with them, and they are always welcome here.

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